Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trending Tuesday- Patterned Tiles

Welcome to the first installment of Trending Tuesday! This new series is going to cover hot new trends in the design world and how best to utilize them in your own homes. First on the line up is patterned tile.

Patterned tile have been on the scene for a while now but continue to pick up steam and are showing no signs of going away any time soon. We are big fans of the tile here at Wild Rose Interiors and we love how they quickly add personality to your home without being bold in color. While these tiles could be used anywhere, we prefer to use them to create high impact style in smaller areas, such as flooring in a laundry room or powder bathroom, a backsplash in the kitchen or as an accent on a staircase. Regardless of where you use them at, you can be sure that they'll be a conversation piece for years to come. 

When it comes to choosing patterned tile there are really two options on the market- cement tile or ceramic tile. While not everyone may be familiar with cement or encaustic tiles, they have in fact been around since the 1800s!! So the old saying  ‘what goes around, comes around’ holds true not just for fashion (hello, 90s style) but for design trends as well (welcome back 1850’s cement tiles!).
 via: Home Bunch

Although you can find very similar patterns in both ceramic and cement tiles, there are some key differences you should be aware of before making your selection. Cement tiles are 100% handmade, have not been fired in a kiln, and are colored with natural pigments making them green + environmentally friendly. They will patina over time and will require periodic resealing. They are also more expensive than ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles on the other hand require less maintenance, are more affordable, but they do lose a bit of the artistic quality and natural variations that you get with cement tile. You honestly can’t go wrong with either and both will give your space a major shot of energy. 

Below we’ve rounded up a quick Splurge vs. Save comparison of cement + ceramic tiles. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how similar they are. What are your thoughts on the patterned tile trend? Love it or over it? 


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween to Fall Decorating Made Easy

How is it already the middle of October?! It always feels like the last three months of the year just fly by. Even though Christmas is already starting to lurk into the back of our minds we also want to give some love to our favorite time of the year- Fall! 

While we truly enjoy decorating for Halloween, the reality is it always seems like a lot of work to decorate for Fall and Halloween all in the matter of a few weeks, especially when Christmas is knocking at the door, too. Plus, if you live in the part of the country where you fall weather starts in September you might start decorating for the season earlier and then transition into Halloween and then change things once again for Thanksgiving. Living in the South where temps are still in the 90s in September, we don't really feel the excitement of decorating for fall until closer to Halloween time. Today we have rounded up our favorite Halloween decorating ideas that could easily and quickly be transformed for Fall or Thanksgiving. 

This front porch looks great for fall, and with the addition of the black crows it instantly makes it Halloween ready. Take it a step further by mixing in your carved pumpkins and some easily removable fake spiderwebs.  
Halloween front porch

The same concept for is applied for this Halloween mantle. Start by putting together a fall-inspired mantle by using bittersweet or leaves, a little sheen with the mercury glass and then take it to Halloween by adding spider webs, black cheesecloth and a few fake spiders never hurt! 

Halloween mantle

And of course the star of Halloween decorations- pumpkins!! Traditionally carved pumpkins are always a win, but can be tricky and time-consuming, especially when you're trying to incorporate small children. Below are a few of our favorite non-traditional pumpkins, starting with paint!! 

The great thing about painting pumpkins is nothing sharp is used and they hold their shape longer than cut pumpkins which means they can last well into November if you aren't painting something Halloween specific. If you're working with kids you can let them do their own creations or tape off different patterns or Halloween shapes for more polished results. 

Take the paint up a notch by using metallic paints or gold leaf. A few tips- make sure your metallic paint is opaque coverage or try paint the pumpkins a solid color (dark is best) before applying the metallic paint.  

Keep designs simple- follow the natural vertical lines of the pumpkin and connect those lines with free-hand diagonal lines. 

 Beautiful celestial pumpkins created by punching holes in different patterns.

How adorable are these hanging jack-o-lanterns?!? If you don't want them to be specific to Halloween, just carve out a simple opening to allow your battery tea light to shine through for a lighted walkway. 

Another great use for pumpkins is as containers for your holiday party. They make adorable ice buckets as shown below or could also be used to hold your favorite punch or snack mix. 

We also love these gilded place markers using mini pumpkins! These mini pumpkins would be great in a large wooden bread bowl for a centerpiece as well. 

And we can't do a Halloween post without mentioning some sort of sweets! These adorable pumpkin patch brownies are easily made with crushed Oreos, candy pumpkins and popsicle sticks. A great project that even the smallest helper can create!

We hope this give you some inspiration for the fast-approaching Halloween holiday. Our takeaway tip is start with your fall decorations and then add easy extras that transform into Halloween which can quickly be removed again in November.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Welcome to our blog!

Our blog is officially up and running at Wild Rose Interiors- welcome!! I want to start by thanking everyone for all the encouragement and support along the way that has lead to the opening of Wild Rose Interiors. This truly is a childhood dream coming to fruition and I could not be more excited (or scared).

I’m going to give a little rundown on Wild Rose Interiors and the services we offer as well as what you can expect to see on this blog.

First- Wild Rose Interiors offers a range of design options that fit your needs and budget. We offer e-design, which I refer to as Design on Your Time. This is a flat-fee service that provides you with a complete design from layout, color story to a customized shopping list. The benefit of this option is it allows you to implement the design plan on your own time, which means you can finish it quickly for an upcoming party or do it gradually over the next year when finances allow you to.
Another flat-fee service we offer is one day refreshes which is where we use your existing pieces and help you edit and rearrange them in a way that functions better and looks more pleasing esthetically. There is also an option for us to bring in a few new accessories, throw blankets, art and ready-made drapery to help tie everything together.
Sample mood board received with our e-design option 

Finally we also offer full design services whether that is building a new home, a remodel, or a complete overhaul of a room. With this you can expect custom furniture and drapery and collaborations with architects, contractors and skilled tradesmen when necessary. We follow the project from start to finish to ensure a seamless design. 

Regardless of the size of your project our main priority is to create fresh and innovate designs that are just as livable as they are beautiful. We want to make your home a reflection of you and somewhere you never want to leave. 

So what is this blog going to be about? We will have everything related to your home- art, color, accessories, organization, entertaining, holiday decorating, renovations, and of course following our own projects at Wild Rose Interiors. Each month will have a theme that all the general posts will fall, but we’re sure there will be a few wildcards every now and then. That also means that if you ever have any questions or suggestions for blog posts, send them our way! We want to tailor this site to our readers.