Monday, July 10, 2017

New Project- Lago Bend Lane

Welcome back after that strange holiday week. I don’t know about all of you, but having the 4thof July on a Tuesday made all forms of normalcy go out the window last week. And this week isn’t much better for me as I’m heading back to Iowa to see family on Wednesday and spending an entire week where time moves at a gentler pace. I’ll still be working while I’m home, but it’s always nice to get away from the grind of the city for a bit. I would say it’s nice to escape the Texas heat, but it looks like Iowa has plenty of that instore for us while we’re back #getittogetheriowa!!!!! Before heading back I wanted to check in to share a new project that I’ve been working on for the past several months. We are actually almost finished with the construction aspects, and I’m starting to work on the furniture plan, so most this project won’t be shared in real time like I typically do.

A little background- the homeowners wanted to renovate their kitchen, put in new flooring on the first floor, update the fixtures in their powder bath, and purchase new living and dining room furniture. To get started, they wanted my help with the kitchen design so that it stayed true to their more traditional home, while still feeling modern and current (aka transitional design). The kitchen certainly wasn’t bad to start with, but it did not function as well as it could be and the homeowners wanted a cleaner, more updated look. The general layout of the kitchen has remained intact, but we knew we wanted to make a few key changes that would improve the overall aesthetic and function of the space, starting with taking the cabinetry to the ceiling. As you can see in their original kitchen there was a small awkward space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling that is really only good for collecting dust. By taking them to the ceiling you do add some additional storage space, but truly it's more of visual thing as it adds height to the room.

The next thing we decided early on to eliminate was the built-in desk. There is already a dedicated office in the home, so the desk was a waste of valuable kitchen real estate. This multi-generational family does a lot of cooking and everyone was onboard with clearing a few of their appliances off the counters as long as they were still accessible. In place of this desk will be base cabinets and instead of a traditional upper cabinet with backsplash below, we decided to sit the cabinet on the countertop with electrical outlets inside so that several small appliances could easily be pulled out for use and tucked back in for storage. Additional adjustable shelves inside will be the perfect spot for less frequently used kitchen gadgets.
An early visit from the contractor determined that the pillars on either side of the opening of the kitchen are structural and the cost to remove them was not worth the minimal difference to the overall look of the space. Once that was crossed off as an option, I suggested doing away with the two-level countertop for one larger counter with an overhang to allow for stools to be pulled up on the other side.  

The last big decision to be made was in regards to the island, which was small and oddly shaped. The homeowners used it some, but I felt like for the size of the kitchen it really didn’t work and was in the way of a fully functioning work triangle. While my clients were nervous about whether they would miss having the island, I encouraged them to try it without as we could always have an island built or add a moveable one if they wanted it back in the space. Without jumping too far ahead, I will say we all agree, hands down, removing the island made the space feel so much larger and instantly improved the traffic flow. Plus, they’re gaining more countertop space now that many of their appliances will be tucked neatly away in the cabinet where the desk is. I know EVERYONE loves an island, but not every kitchen is meant to have one. If you feel like yours is chopping up your space and the flow, get rid of it!!

Next week I’ll share more of the design details- renderings, cabinet style + finish, countertops, backsplash, hardware, flooring, and the plan for built-in banquet seating in the adjoining breakfast nook.
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